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Computer Electronics Techs’ Must-Have Tools

If you’re a computer electronics enthusiast — amateur or professional — you know that success depends on having the right tools and components. In fact, anyone who’s ever depended on them knows you’re only as good (or bad) as your tools.

Computer Electronics Techs’ Must-Have Tools

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, it’s important to start with the basics. And remember, quality matters.​

Skip the Kits and Select Computer Electronics Tools Individually

You may be tempted to purchase a nice, neat kit for working with computer electronics, but it’s best if you can avoid that approach. Inevitably, the pre-assembled sets are missing key instruments but contain something you’ll never use. And although some kits are high quality, most won’t last as long as better individual tools.

Instead, make a list of the tools you need and purchase them individually. Then choose a good-quality organizer bag for storage and transport.

At a minimum, you will need precision screwdrivers and nut drivers in a variety of sizes, a circuit inserter-extractor, needle-nose pliers, hex keys, Allen wrenches, a wire stripper, headlamp, utility knife, crimper and cable ties. Many electronics projects will also require Torx, slotted or square bits.

Must-Have Special Tools for Computer Electronics Work

Although it’s usually best to avoid single-purpose (unitasker) tools of any kind, that’s an axiom you’ll have to forget when working with computer electronics.

Some of the most important special-purpose tools include a cable tie gun, an anti-static mat, mini vacuum, anti-static wristband, ratchet driver and magnifier. And don’t forget testers. Most electronics enthusiasts find they need a tester for cables, networks, power supplies and circuits as well as a continuity tester.

Because you will be working with electricity, safety must always be your first priority. Capacitors, CRTs and residual current devices all pose the risk of exposing you to stored electricity. If you aren’t experienced in working with electronics, do your research to ensure you know how to protect yourself from serious injury.

Where to Purchase Your Computer Electronics Tools

When shopping for tools, choose the best brands you can afford. Paying a little more upfront will save you much more down the road. If you can’t afford to fill your toolkit with the best items available, start with one or two at a time. That way, you can replace your lower-quality items slowly and affordably.

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