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Electronics Components Adopt Bluetooth 5 Technology

Four years ago, electronics components using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology exploded onto the market. Marketed as Bluetooth Smart, this was version 4.0 of the short-distance wireless data exchange technology standard.

Electronics Components Adopt Bluetooth 5 Technology

Today, version 5.0, known simply as Bluetooth 5, offers an infinite number of possibilities for electronic device design and manufacturing. Its impressive capabilities are relevant to many industries, particularly those that leverage the internet of things (IoT).

How Bluetooth 5 Improves Electronic Components

The newest version of BT technology doubled the speed and quadrupled the range of version 4.0. Broadcasting message capacity increased eightfold. Version 5 also added improved functionality for low-energy (LE) communication and data transmission.

Some of the improvements in BT 5 include:

  • LE Long Range
  • LE Channel Selection Algorithm #2
  • 2 Mbits/s PHY for LE
  • Slot Availability Mask (SAM)
  • LE Advertising Extensions

This technology also enables the use of beacons, which facilitates the mesh functionality. Mesh nodes significantly increase the range of electronics networks, with almost limitless capability.

Bluetooth 5 and the Internet of Things

BT version 5 is poised to dramatically improve IoT functionality. It was designed to work more effectively than other wireless technology and to integrate across a variety of electronics components and devices.

With double the data transfer speed and half the power consumption, BT-enabled electronics components just make more sense for IoT product development.

OEMs and prototype labs are becoming voracious consumers of BT 5-related electronics components of all kinds. And as version 5.0 becomes the de facto standard for devices and components of all kinds, you can expect to see everything from lightbulbs to large-scale industrial machinery equipped with this technology.

Electronics Applications Making Use of BT 5

Smart home technology components, foundational components of the IoT, are a primary consumer of electronics components using BT 5. In fact, Cisco projects that more than 50 billion smart devices will be in use by 2020, and a full third of these will include onboard BT.

Because of the greatly increased range of version 5, industry insiders believe that Bluetooth technology will rapidly replace Wi-Fi for most IoT systems and components. It requires less energy and reduces infrastructure costs, because unlike Wi-Fi, no routers or access points are required.

Expect to see BT 5 in medical devices, wearables, navigation and commercial/industrial applications of all kinds.

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