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Quick-Build™ Harness Board System Saves Time & Money

Harness boards for control board wire and cable assemblies have undergone a radical improvement, thanks to exclusive new technology from Panduit™. Panduit, a global leader in physical infrastructure solutions, provides a variety of products for data centers as well as industrial and enterprise applications.

Quick-Build™ Harness Board System Saves Time & Money
Kimball Electronics is proud to offer the Panduit™ Quick-Build™ harness board, a reusable, modular system that improves productivity while reducing materials costs. With the Quick-Build™ system, harness manufacturers can successfully meet every customer’s needs and easily prototype new designs for an application.

How the Quick-Build™ Harness Board System Works

Using 1-by-1-inch grid tiles and accessories designed for repositioning, the Quick-Build™ design offers a variety of advantages over the traditional approach to harness board design and assembly.

The tiles allow for virtually any size and shape configuration. The accessories quickly twist and lock into place, but changing them is just as easy. This eliminates the need to store and repeatedly retrieve bulky, fixed-configuration boards. The system is also compatible with Panduit harness board accessories.

Improving the Process of Building Harness Boards

Traditional control board wire assemblies utilized plywood with nail-in, magnetic or snap-in accessories. These bulky designs offered little in the way of flexibility for re-routing wires. The Quick-Build™ modular board design is easily scalable and reusable, allowing the transition from one configuration to another.

The locking accessories are the true beauty of the system, however. Much faster to set up than traditional methods, the Panduit holders reduce repetitive work while allowing for quick adjustments on the fly. The accessories are also reusable, and the entire system is compatible with Panduit’s automatic cable tie installation tools.
The Panduit harness board system not only saves time and storage space, but improves safety by eliminating hammer-and-nail accidents and repetitive strain. This system is ideal for a variety of industries and applications, including medical electronics, gaming, transportation, climate control and aerospace.

A Revolutionary Harness Board System to Improve Prototyping

The Quick-Build™ system was designed specifically to improve low-volume/high-mix (LVHM) applications by lowering production costs and storage space requirements. If building prototypes to customer specifications is a part of your business model, the Panduit products will help improve your responsiveness and build time.

This system uses up to 50 percent less space, and saves as much as 65 percent off the cost of board layout and building. And compared to the traditional board-and-nail method, you can save up to 18 percent on wire harness build time.

The Panduit plug-and-play system revolutionizes your design and build processes. The manufacturer also provides a variety of resources and how-to videos to help get you started.

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