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Solar Cable, Labeling and Wire Management Solutions

Solar cable and wire management solutions are critical to the success of solar installers and photovoltaic (PV) systems contractors. Likewise, proper labeling helps ensure compliance with national electrical code and local fire safety requirements.

Solar Cable, Labeling and Wire Management Solutions
Kimball Electronics represents many of the nation’s most well-known PV cable labeling and wire management solutions providers. Whether your needs require bulk wholesale purchasing or single-units, we are your go-to electronics parts distributor for solar wire and cable solutions.

Solar Cable Ties and Assemblies

Cable ties, clips and wire assemblies must withstand harsh environmental conditions. Creating a product to live up to these standards requires rigorous research, development and materials testing. Photovoltaic installations are subjected to climate extremes — high heat, in particular — and intense UV exposure.

Kimball Electronics is proud to feature solar ties and e-clips produced by Hellermann Tyton. Formulated to firmly hold wire and cable bundles ranging from small to large, these edge clips, c-clips and cable tie assemblies are all UV stabilized to remain flexible and strong, and to stand the test of time.

The Hellermann Tyton line of cable ties is designed to match specific climate and environmental conditions to maximize their functionality. In dry and marine climates, and even with exposure to metal oxides and corrosives, these products will endure.

National Electrical Code-Compliant Solar Cable Labeling

Compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) depends, in large part, on code-complaint labeling. In addition to Hellermann Tyton’s full line of PV cable ties and clips, we offer their comprehensive line of solar identification products, specially designed to meet NEC and fire safety regulations.

Ranging from pre-printed metal placards and adhesive labels to reflective PV circuit markers, each segment of this line is designed to meet solar installers’ long-lasting, permanent identification needs.

In addition to pre-printed products. Hellermann Tyton also offers printable labels and an exclusive line of portable and hand-held printing solutions. This provides an unprecedented level of flexibility for field installers to produce code-compliant labeling on-site.

Cord Grips, Clips and Nylon Solar Cable Wrap

Wire management solutions for photovoltaic cable applications come in many forms and configurations. The Heyco Solar line of products includes nylon and metal liquid tight cord grips, polyethylene and nylon cable wrap, and stainless steel and nylon wire and cable clips.

Heyco’s products are so well-developed and manufactured, in fact, that the company provides a 20-year warranty against defects, materials and workmanship.

Kimball Electronics Inc. provides innovative product solutions for electricians, solar installation contractors, EPC firms and OEM solar rack manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about the full Hellermann Tyton line of solar cable solutions as well as Heyco wire management products.

Visit our stores in Salt Lake City, Utah, or Boise, Idaho, or shop our convenient online site anytime. Trust Kimball for all of your electronics parts distribution needs, including comprehensive photovoltaic solar cable solutions.